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Our Story

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Red Hen Foods hasn't just gotten started. If you're curious and want to learn more about how Alison's recipes and writing have grown over the years (she's been at this since 2010!), keep scrolling. It's been quite an adventure and we can't wait to share it with you. 

I will help you make the food.

I love to help someone who doesn’t think they can cook to learn the basics. I love to give folks who’ve been cooking awhile, fresh new ideas. I want everyone to be able to make themselves food like their Grandma would have made for them, while helping them elevate it just enough to be spectacular.

I believe nourishment at all levels, spiritual, emotional, physical (food) is vital to our being the very best we can be! I’ve always been the one to feed everyone around me so sharing my recipes and creating a food blog seemed like the obvious next step.  

We have traveled all 50 states and in doing so, experienced the best food we could find all around our magnificent country! From coast to coast and corner to corner, I sought out the best meals I could find and then did my best to recreate the best food I could make – learning techniques from amazing chefs and kind folks who shared their knowledge and research about each recipe. 

Writing has been my emotional nourishment and sharing our adventures as we navigated life as a family fit nicely into my theme of That Which Nourishes.

Now, my blog is coming to life in the form of a little specialty grocery store in the middle of nowhere where we make our home in the paradise you may know as the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our neighbors and those traveling through need some good food, and I’m going to share all I’ve got with anyone who comes through my door. Whether you're needing a smile, something sweet to make them happy, a meal to go to share with their family or friends, or a beautiful new item for their kitchen, we've got you covered. Red Hen Foods & Goods is a nod to my That Which Nourishes logo and a bit of a nod to a well-loved children’s book.

Once upon a time, a blog had a baby and it was a little Red Hen.        

but it's about much more than that...

Red Hen Foods & Goods is both a specialty grocery store and a haven in the middle of a long drive in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We want you to come enjoy something special to eat, to drink, to bring with you and share.

in a nutshell...

As Seen In

the "red hen" history

We hit the road on an open-ended trip in an old motorhome to get our kids to their 48th state before our oldest moved out. Outside of the Box was a blog we started to document our trip.



I thought that starting a little food blog was a good idea to share all the recipes I was always making and creating. It was originally called "Lovin’ from my Oven" (insert cringe here) and eventually grew up into That Which Nourishes. I kept writing and featured that on my blog as well.

(Fun Fact: 13 years later and I'm still using the same designer who created my first logo for TWN.)


I became a Mimi! The first of six of the most amazing people on earth was born and our entire world became more beautiful!


We uprooted and moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along with our two grown children and their families as well as our youngest daughter who was still living at home.

All of a sudden, hundreds and then thousands of people shared THE Mac and Cheese, and then it got featured in magazines around the world and took off on Pinterest!


Thanksgiving became an on-call event for me each year as my biggest viewership reaching almost 50,000 people in one day made THE Mac (and had lots of questions!).


We bought a building that was once a post office, co-op, and grocery store in our teensy-weensy little town and used if for my sweet man’s business knowing someday, I’d use it for food, but unsure how it would unfold.


I turned 50! And we saw our 50th state on a cruise to Alaska! Plans for Red Hen Foods & Goods began to take shape with hopes to open early in 2024! 

Our first
 official logo.

Mac & Cheese


Once upon a time, there was a girl who just wanted creamy, cheesy mac and cheese. Not full of spices or fancy things, just plain ol’ gooey mac and cheese. As such,  The Mac & Cheese was born.  Alison's recipe has become our claim to fame—standing strong as the Most Pinned Mac & Cheese Recipe on Pinterest.